What is Posture Therapy?

Posture Therapy

Is the treatment of joint alignment in the human body. The position of your joints is determined by the muscle memory, muscle coordination, and connective tissue elasticity of your body. Past or present injuries, surgeries, repetitive dysfunctional motion, asymmetrical sports, over training, or stress all can contribute to poor posture. Once dysfunctional joint alignment has be established in your body that becomes the default position for joints.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has many possible causes, including injury, medical conditions, past surgeries, arthritis, repetitive dysfunctional motion, stress, poor posture, inflammation stemming from inadequate nutrition or improper weight bearing on joints and others.

What to Expect

At your first Motion Unlimited session, your body will be photographed from four different angles – front, back, right and left – and evaluated according to clinical alignment and posture criteria. Based on that assessment and your own specific pain characteristics, we’ll develop a customized treatment program, which may include Corrective Exercises and Connective Tissue Release or a combination of both.

The most important element of the entire process is ongoing communication. Isaac will educate you about what is going on at every stage, describe ways to address specific problems and work together with you to find the best way to support your body, ease your pain, improve your posture and get you moving.